This video puts the original Resident Evil's dialogue atop the cut-scenes of its HD remake, reminding us how bad a Jill sandwich can be.

YouTuber Flour Bunny has posted a modded video of a cut-scene from the HD remake of Resident Evil featuring the original game's voice acting, PC Gamer reports. During this scene, we see Chris Redfield meeting fellow S.T.A.R.S. members Richard Aiken and Rebecca Chambers. In particular, Richard's dialogue (owwwwww) is the worst of the bunch. Fans are starting to mod the remake itself to feature the original voices throughout the entire game. Now that is frightening.

Jill was originally voiced by Dublin-born actress Una Kavanagh, who was living in Japan during 1995 as Resident Evil was being developed. She also played Jill in the game's original intro and ending cut-scenes. It would seem that Capcom recorded the game's cut-scenes and voice acting by finding whatever localized American "talent" they could find in Japan at that time. In 1995, voice acting was still a relatively new concept to console games (especially the amount RE had), there wasn't much quality control as to what was going into the first Resident Evil's script or its performances.

All we have to say is that if the original dialogue gets added to the Resident Evil HD Remaster, that's Capcom DLC we'd actually buy.

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