Was the original sequel to Resident Evil scrapped before we ever got to play it? According to rumors and reports that have been making the rounds for years, the Resident Evil 2 we got was very different from the Resident Evil 2 Capcom had originally planned to release. Did this original sequel exist, or is it all just wishful thinking from the die-hard Resident Evil community?

Games often go through many transitions during development, often changing scope or major mechanics as needed. Sometimes, the initial design of a game is scrapped entirely, and the end result is drastically different from what was originally teased. In the case of Resident Evil 2, many of those elements came into play. The core remained the same, as did some of the characters and locations, but much of game's story and mechanics differed greatly from what Capcom's development team had in mind at the onset. Plus, Claire Redfield wasn't even part of the original plan, which would have had some interesting ramifications for later sequels.

In this week's episode of #RealTrueFact, we take a look at what that original plan was, and just what elements made it through to the final, released version of Resident Evil 2.

Every week, we'll bring you a new episode of #RealTrueFact, where we'll examine some of gaming's greatest questions, myths and mysteries to determine if they are indeed real, true facts.

Narrated by Rachel Edidin

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