Capcom posted a new video comparing Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen's first meeting in Resident Evil 0 HD to its original N64 prototype.

This comparison video provides a few pivotal scenes from Resident Evil 0, letting us see them in three different varieties: the Nintendo 64 prototype, the 2002 GameCube original version and the upcoming HD remaster. We get to see Rebecca Chambers encounter her first set of zombies on the Umbrella train, her first meeting with Billy Coen and a shootout with a few Cerberus dogs as well.

This prequel to the original Resident Evil first hit the drawing board back in 1995, shortly after the Nintendo 64's disk drive peripheral was announced. The N64 DD's financial failure (eventually being pulled off the market after only 10 titles were released for it) resulted in Capcom designing Resident Evil 0 to be a cartridge-based N64 game. A playable demo of RE0 was revealed during the 2000 Tokyo Game Show and a July 2000 release was set, but Capcom's team realized that the game simply wouldn't fit on a single N64 cartridge. Capcom decided to shift the entire project over to the GameCube, scrapping everything they worked on and only carrying over the game's concepts and main story. Resident Evil 0 debuted on the GameCube in Nov. 2002, utilizing the same engine of the RE remake that launched a few months prior.

While no release date has been set, Resident Evil 0 HD will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in early 2016. We hope Capcom adds more bonus features this time around.

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