Capcom has announced that Ken Masters is making his official return for Street Fighter V, and he looks and plays quite differently than before.

It looks like Ken is tired of living in Ryu's shadow, as this disciple of the Ansatsuken has finally taken an identity of his own. Ken's fighting style is no longer a fiery clone of Ryu, but something almost entirely different. While the flaming Shoryuken is still there, Ken puts a lot more focus on differentiating himself, as indicated by his new look. Ken wears a Seth Rollins-esque black top with his usual gi, but his old red top just hangs behind him. Ryu's lifelong friend and rival has grown out his hair again, putting it in a top-knot (we're not particularly fond of it). We'd much rather have him grow it out so his long hair can be rendered on the PS4. Make sure you watch the trailer above for all the changes made to both Ken's fighting style.

Earlier today, we reported that Blanka, Karin, Mika, Urien and Alex are all likely candidates to be added to the Street Fighter V roster. At the end of Ken's trailer, there was a quick tease for the next fighter to be added (we provided a picture in the gallery below). This character doesn't particularly look like anyone familiar, but he could possibly be Urien based on his eyebrows. He could also be some kind of completely new character. As much as we're fans of the old roster, we're hoping for a few new faces.

Street Fighter V will launch for PC and PS4 in the spring of 2016 with cross-play functionality between both versions.

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