As Red Ash's Kickstarter campaign faces its last few days where it could potentially kick the bucket, Comcept released a demo for it where Beck can kick the can.

Comcept's spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends, Red Ash, isn't doing so well on Kickstarter. With just a few days left in its crowdfunding campaign, the team at Comcept have decided to release an early prototype of its gameplay so you can try out Beck and get a feel for what the game is about. Unfortunately, it's also not very good. The entire demo revolves around that one alleyway in Mega Man Legends where you could kick a can behind a store counter in order to score a little money. Unfortunately, the demo uses stand-in versions of the Mighty No. 9 cast as its characters. I just hope Beck isn't as short- and stumpy-looking in the final version, because he looks a lot taller and lankier based on the game's concept art.

You can play the prototype online here (you'll need to play it on Firefox), or you can download it from the game's official website.

Here are the demo's controls:


Directional Keys: Move Character
Z: Talk
X: Kick
Spacebar: Jump
Enter: Camera Options
A: Turn Camera Left
D: Turn Camera Right
W: Turn Camera Up
S: Turn Camera Down

Controller (presumably Xbox):

Left Stick Inputs: Movement
Up: Move Up
Left: Move Left
Down: Move Down
Right: Move Right
Right Stick Inputs: Camera
Up: Turn Camera Left
Right: Turn Camera Right
Down: Turn Camera Up
Left: Turn Camera Down
B Button: Talk
X Button: Kick
A Button: Jump
Start Button: Camera Options (Normal and Inverted)


As of the publication of this article, the Kickstarter campaign for Red Ash is currently sitting on roughly $486K of its $800K goal (a little over 60 percent complete) with only four days left in its campaign. Likewise, its tie-in anime film Kickstarter is currently sitting at $111K of its $150K goal (roughly 74 percent), also with four days left to go. Things are looking bleak for Beck's Legends-inspired spin-off, but I hope both the game and anime's Kickstarters turn out to be successful. The reason why it hasn't been successful, in my opinion, was due to timing. Comcept launched Kickstarter campaigns for both the game and its tie-in anime film at the same time while the massively popular Shenmue 3 Kickstarter was underway. Comcept should have waited until Shenmue's had finished. Likewise, they should have only launched a single Kickstarter (the game's) at first and heavily cross-promoted it with Mighty No. 9's fan base without introducing the anime campaign until after the game's was funded.

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