Comcept has released some animated prototype footage to showcase what the world and characters of Mega Man Legends' spiritual successor Red Ash are all about.

This black and white concept video for Red Ash introduces us to its three main characters. We get to see Beck and Tyger adventuring out in the wild until they return and find Call working on their ride. Call gives the two male adventures the cold shoulder and rides off, leaving them awe-struck at how awesome she is when it comes to machinery. The video features some rudimentary sound effects and concept art for the game's tie-in animated movie, which will feature the same cast.

As of the publication of this article, Red Ash: The Indeligible Legend's Kickstarter campaign has raised $446K of its $800K goal with 13 days to go. The campaign for Red Ash: Magicicada the Animation is currently sitting on $84.5K of its $150K goal with 13 days left as well. According to their respective pages, both the game and anime movie should launch in July 2017. Unfortunately, both campaigns are nowhere near as successful as Comcept's Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9.

So why has Red Ash been dragging its feet through crowdfunding? Two major reasons are saturation and competition. Having two major Red Ash Kickstarter campaigns going on at the same time are killing one another. The game should have went first and the animated movie should have launched a Kickstarter once the game finished. Since Mighty No. 9 has yet to launch, fans are still skeptical about backing another major project they have yet to play (not to mention Mega Man Legends has a relatively smaller fan base than Mega Man as a whole). Other Kickstarters like Shenmue III offer major competition for crowdfunding money as well. In terms of pricing, you can't even pre-order the physical version of game (mind you it's for PC) through Kickstarter unless you shell out a whopping $89. Don't forget, in order for the console versions of the game to start development, the campaign has to hit $1 million in crowdfunding, which probably won't happen. Nevertheless, I hope it pulls through.

In related news, Comcept has recently released a variety of videos showcasing the voice acting, sound effects, background songs and other auditory goodies of Mighty No. 9. Unfortunately, the English dubbed voices of Mighty No. 9 are kind of underwhelming compared to their Japanese counterparts. Mind you, over $100,000 was crowdfunded for Mighty No. 9's English dubs. Nevertheless, it's still nice to see Beck in action as we get closer and closer to launch. That highway stage looks awfully impressive..

Mighty No 9 will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS on Sept. 15.

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