Keiji Inafune and Comcept's spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends, Red Ash, has taken to Kickstarter for both a game and an animated movie.

Comcept launched two Kickstarters for Red Ash. The first Kickstarter campaign, as you would expect, is for the video game successor for Mega Man LegendsRed Ash: The Indeligible Legend is going to be filled with dungeon exploring, robots and bullets in a third-person action game just as Mega Man Volnutt experienced. Another Kickstarter campaign has launched for its tie-in animated movie, Red Ash: Magicicada the Animation. The game will be split into two parts, the first is described as the "KalKanon Incident," which will offer 8 hours of playtime. Based on how much money is raised, you can expect more content. Unfortunately, we're not sure if a second Kickstarter will launch for the other half of the game or not. This new, red-armored protagonist is named Beck, and he'll be infiltrating the mobile castle Kalkanon. Beck will also have a partner named Tyger and a mechanic friend named Call. You'll get to play as both Tyger and Beck throughout the game.

As of the publication of this article, Red Ash: The Indeligible Legend's Kickstarter campaign is sitting on $250K+ of its $800K goal with 27 days to go. The campaign for Red Ash: Magicicada the Animation is currently sitting on $60K of its $150K goal with 28 days left. According to their respective pages, both the game and anime movie should launch in July 2017. Red Ash is only being slated for a PC release so far, but we have a feeling console stretch goals will be added in the future based on how well its crowdfunding goes.

Here's a list of who is working on the game:

Executive Producer: Keiji Inafune (Mighty No. 9Mega Man Legends)

Art Director: Kazushi Ito (Mega Man LegendsApe Escape 3)

Game Director: Masahiro Yasuma (Mega Man LegendsBattle Network)

Lead Background Artist: Miki Kijima (Mega Man LegendsBattle Network)

UI Designer: Yukiko Kawanabe (Mega Man LegendsLost Planet)

Supervisor: Tom-Pon (Mighty No. 9)

Composer: Manami Matsumae (Mighty No. 9Shovel Knight)

Sound: Shusaku Uchiyama (Mega Man 8Resident Evil 4)

Producer: Yoichi Ono (Mighty No. 9)

Here's a few concept shots for both the anime movie and the game: