Capcom may never give us a third Mega Man Legends, but Keiji Inafune and Comcept are teasing yet another spiritual successor.

Comcept has leaked a new teaser video (provided above) to those who backed the Kickstarter campaigns of Mighty No. 9 and Bloodstained, the spiritual successors to the Mega Man and Castlevania series. Just as Mighty No. 9 will continue in Mega Man's footsteps and Bloodstained will continue in Castlevania's, Comcept's Red Ash will apparently succeed the Mega Man Legends series. For those who missed out on the PS-One era of gaming, Mega Man Legends 1-2 was a revamped Mega Man experience where a new Blue Bomber was put in an open world-esque, third-person action game with plenty of RPG elements included. A third Mega Man Legends was in development but was  unfortunately cancelled in 2011.


Comcept's teaser trailer for Red Ash features some rather familiar character designs. The big guy with the revolvers looks a lot like Teisel Bonne from Legends. The girl with the blue hat looks like a mix of Roll Caskett and Tron Bonne. The little guy on the right could be the replacement for Data (the little robotic monkey from the Caskett and Volnutt team). The hero on the left side looks a lot like Mega Man Volnutt himself, but given a red color change. Similarly, Beck from Mighty No. 9 had a blue color scheme at first but was changed to white with blue trim during the game's development. These decisions were likely to avoid legal ramifications from Capcom.

The trailer's opening lines left no question as to Red Ash's influences:

Some legends shape our lives...

Some legends leave us with the promise of a new tomorrow...

And some legends herald greatness, only to lose their way.

While not much was revealed in the trailer, Comcept advertised that Red Ash will be featured during the 2015 Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA on July 4. Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage on this project one more information is revealed.