According to a recent post over at Pocket Gamer, Electronic Arts has issued a statement that their hotly anticipated driving game Real Racing 3 will miss the holiday launch window. As of now, it seems that it won't even be a photo finish, as Real Racing 3 is currently scheduled to start burning rubber at the end of February 2013.

Ever since we took a look at the game back in September, we have been looking forward to giving it a real run and putting it through its paces. From what we can tell, it will take mobile racing to the next level in every possible respect. FireMonkeys will be improving every element they can, with more cars, tracks, and a larger career mode. You can also count on the graphics improving dramatically, with all of the latest bells and whistles added on to ensure that your car looks as slick as possible.

There's also a new gameplay element that FireMonkeys had added on called, "time shifted multiplayer". This new system will allow you to compete against your friends, even when they aren't playing. Their best time will be recorded through Game Center and then a version of their race will be loaded into your game, letting you try and beat their time as though you were playing with them live.

Despite all the improvements, perhaps this delay is to make sure there will be no detour into a Second System Effect pit stop here. We've always been advocates of releasing games when they are ready to go.

Yeah it stinks that Real Racing 3 won't be out in time for the holidays, but we'd rather play it when it's tuned up and ready to go, instead of having it break down on the track.