ScHoolboy Q has teased his involvement in ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’.

The 37-year-old rapper, whose real name is Quincy Matthew Hanley, had some of his music featured in the previous title 'GTA V' and has hinted that it could be included in the long-awaited next installment in the Rockstar Games franchise.

On X, ScHoolboy posted a picture that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the release of his album ‘Oxymoron', to which a fan wrote: "As long as you drop some heat for ‘GTA VI’ radio we all Gucci."

The rapper replied: "Ima be on there don’t even trip."

ScHoolboy Q wouldn’t be the only musician working on the upcoming title, as T-Pain also confirmed he was involved in the project that would see his tracks featured on the long-running staple GTA radio.

The rapper was active on the ‘Grand Theft Auto: Role Play’ server ‘NoPixel’, but was banned by Rockstar due to his involvement in the new game.

In a clip shared on TikTok, T-Pain said: "I used to be on NoPixel, then I started working on ‘GTA VI’, and they told me I couldn't do ‘RP’ anymore because it kind of goes against ... they had this whole speech, like, 'What if somebody took your album and re-recorded it, and more people were listening to that,' and I'm like, 'Okay, I kind of get that, but I was having a good time. Alright that's fine."

A huge trailer for the game was unveiled to the public last year but it is not expected to be released until 2025.

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