Say hello to the GSG9, the German counter-terrorist unit that'll be leading intense assaults on criminals throughout Rainbow Six Siege.

This latest trailer for Rainbow Six Siege showcases the German counter-terrorist unit in some amazing, first-person shooter action. Rainbow Six Siege upholds tactics and technique as the focus of combat. You're not going to Call of Duty/Rambo your way through firefights. Instead, communication and patience is required. The terrorists have set up all kinds of defensive fortifications and have a variety of traps and choke-points set, and it's up to the counter-terrorists to make it past these defenses. The counter-terrorists must stop whatever the criminals are up to, whether it involves rescuing hostages or incapacitating a terrorist cell.

I'm certainly digging the specialty system that Rainbow Six Siege utilizes. You could be the guy with the ballistic shield and handgun upfront or be the big guy with the shotgun right behind him. You could also be the assault squad member with a compact machine gun who is meant to go in and out of hot spots. I'm loving the Kanal battleground that this trailer showcases. Infiltrating a locked down ship looks to be quite fun for both sides of combat. There are plenty of entrance points and choke-points where terrorist players can set traps in order to try and thwart the oncoming invasions.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege will launch on Oct. 13 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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