The PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live premium services both offer free games to download every month, but which one gave you the more bang for your buck in 2014?

Thanks to Polygon, we have found out the vast dollar difference when it comes to the value of PlayStation Plus' free games compared to Xbox Live's Games With Gold offerings throughout 2014. According to current market prices, the PlayStation Plus service gave out over $1,300 in free games throughout 2014 for the price of its $50 annual subscription. Obviously, not every PS Plus subscriber has access to all three PlayStation consoles to download every game being offered, but $1,349.29 in free games for the year is pretty darn nice.

For the sake of comparison, Xbox Live's Games With Gold Program gave out $584.67 in free games -- that's 43 percent value of what the PSN offered. Of course, Xbox is only giving out games for two systems compared to the three PlayStation consoles, and the Games With Gold program didn't start for the Xbox One until halfway through the year.

There you have it, folks, $60 for an annual Xbox Live Gold membership and $50 for a PS Plus subscription (all discounts aside). $584.57 in free Xbox games in 2014 compared to $1,349.29 in PlayStation games. You could argue about ratings, but both sides were fairly close. Xbox's free games for 2014 had an overall Metacritic average of 78.3, while nearly every month, PlayStation's free games averaged in the low 80s. Here's to hoping 2015 is an even better year for free games.