We're got frightening monsters, forgetful corporations, crossing fighters and more with February's list of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Thanks to the PlayStation Blog, we know that PlayStation 4 owners will be thrilled to find that the Slender-inspired, first-person horror title, Outlast is their free game of the month. Just make sure no one is around to hear you scream like a little girl while you investigate the asylum.

PlayStation 3 subscribers can download Metro: Last Light and enjoy some Russian fallout. Payday 2 will be free for those hoping to get in some rounds at robbing jewelry stores. The final game available for PS3 owners is Remember Me, the memory-erasing action title. PlayStation Vita subscribers get ModNation Racers: Road Trip and the Namco/Capcom dual we've were hoping for, Street Fighter X Tekken.

Month-in and month-out, Sony continues delivering the goods when it comes to its PlayStation Plus library. Microsoft only recently started offering a similar plan, but it still has a way to go if it hopes to garner the same kind of returns as Sony has with its subscription service.