Somehow, Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai have managed to do all the crazy legal paperwork needed to get the bizarre tactical RPG crossover fest that is Project X Zone an American release, and now we know when to expect it.

Project X Zone will be headed to the 3DS on June 25th in North America. This news comes by way of the official Project X Zone site which also lists the game as available for pre-order. Unfortunately, an official European release date has not yet been given. Sorry to all of you gamers on the other side of the pond. Looks like you’ll have to wait a while to match up Ryu with Akira.

The site also gives us our first look at Project X Zone’s localized translation, and the story is about as wacky as you can imagine.

The ancient treasure called the “Portalstone” has been stolen and a rift in time and space has allowed crossovers from various universes. The ambitions of various people, organizations and creatures have become intertwined, turning this incident into a great source of turmoil. The past, future, and even distant worlds from other dimensions have been drawn into what will be become a long journey for our heroes.

Hey, this hokey fanfiction story lets Kos-Mos team up with John McClane from Die Hard so we aren’t complaining.