Project X Zone is due out this summer, so let's take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the characters and the action with these new screenshots.

We're going positively cross-eyed as we scan the screens below, trying to decipher what characters are present onscreen and what moves they're performing. Some of the heroes from the .hack series are present, such as Kite and Black Rose, pulling off some Data Drains and swinging around swords.

We also see a little bit of KOS-MOS and T-ELOS, two of the gynoids from the Xenosaga series. Both of these ladies are whipping out the big guns in this game, and we can't wait to see their synergy with some of the other characters.

There are also shots of the Results screen, which pops up after battles and details your performance. We're fans of seeing some of our favorite characters from Namco Bandai, Capcom, and Sega games standing side by side, though we really don't need to see more of Sir Arthur in his skivvies.

Take a look at the screenshots below and let us know which characters you're looking forward to seeing when this game is released for the Nintendo 3DS!