Duncan Jones has finished the physical shots needed for his upcoming film, 'Warcraft,' as the project moves into post-production.

Duncan Jones has announced on his Twitter that the principal photography for 'Warcraft' has finished in just 123 days of shooting and now the film is moving into post-production, GameSpot reports. Jones is known for recently filming 'Moon' and 'Source Code.'

Given the large amount of fantasy and otherworldly creatures that are involved with the franchise's lore, most of the work done on 'Warcraft' will be during this phase of editing. Industrial Light & Magic, one of the biggest special effects and CGI studios in cinema, will be taking charge of the film's post-production. This film will focus on the original 1994 hit PC title and the background stories of both orcs and humans. It's the tale that sparked Blizzard's hit series, which changed the landscape of both real-time strategy and massively multiplayer online role-playing games. 'Warcraft' is expected to debut on March 11, 2016.