Our very first Cosplay of the Day features none other than one of gaming's most celebrated royal figures, the eponymous Princess Zelda!

And portraying the fair Zelda in an amazing outfit from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is RikkuGrape, a cosplayer extraordinaire based around the Portland area. Though Zelda is a princess, she's far from bring a damsel in distress, even if she does get captured a lot. Rikku does a fine job of capturing Zelda's grace, quiet intensity, and thoughtful beauty; par for the course of the one who holds the Triforce of Wisdom.

Rikku's love for the Legend of Zelda goes all the way back to when she was very young and started playing Ocarina of Time. Back then, she'd get scared when she had to fight Gohma, the Infernal Parasite, because she had an aversion to spiders. The controller would then be passed off to her brother, who would then beat it for her. But since then, she's overcome her fear of video game bosses and now embodies the lovely Zelda.

"I always thought Zelda was so pretty and so regal. She is one of my favorite princesses for many different reasons. But, I guess the short answer to this question is that I cosplay her because I think she is rad!" said RikkuGrape.

Well, she must be doing an amazing job since fans flock to her at conventions. During a recent convention, she was leaning on an air conditioning vent with her hand on a large window for support. A con-goer outside then put his hand on the glass, placing it on the same spot as hers. She feigned blushing and the next thing she knew, a bunch of guys were out there, vying for her attention!

"I think being a princess at conventions is really fun! Not only do you get to parade around in a pretty dress, but it can be some fun when people catch you off guard," said RikkuGrape about the gathering of fans.

And you know what? She's captured our hearts enough to become the very first Cosplay of the Day! Check out some of her photos below and visit her deviantART page to see the rest of her amazing outfits!

Kindra Nikole
Kindra Nikole/Jenny Harris
Kindra Nikole