The weekend's almost here, people! And today we've got the monarch who's always pretty in pink, Princess Peach.

And today's cosplayer is Enayla, from the US, who also goes by the name Elliria. Whatever you want to call her, we can all agree that she's got a cute, ethereal air about her that makes her perfect for this Princess Peach outfit.The cosplay is based on Peach's look in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and features the bubbly princess' baubles, tiny crown, and even her frying pan. We just wonder if she can use that skirt to float across convention halls and avoid crowds, because it seems like it would be a convenient skill to have.

One look at Enayla and you can understand why Bowser would want to keep the princess all to himself, over and over again. She gets bonus points from us because it can't be easy walking around in the big, poofy dress, especially in a convention teeming with SSBB fanboys. She gets even more points for bringing a fiery, almost sassy attitude to Princess Peach's look.

Take a gander at the rest of her work on Facebook or deviantART. There's a set of really impressive Guild Wars 2 stuff that you absolutely have to see and appreciate, as well as a bit of Final Fantasy 13's Vanille!

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