In today's Cosplay of the Day, we've got a classic video character who is one of gaming's original princesses. Let's give a royal welcome to Princess Daphne, from the Dragon's Lair series.

Princess Daphne is the lovely damsel whom Dirk is tasked with saving in the Dragon's Lair games. She wears an inordinately sexy gown that seemingly sparkles because of her loveliness. She has long, blonde hair, and has a long crown that tops her head. She stands as one of Don Bluth's most famous and memorable creations, making her a perfect character to feature.

Here is Kelly Jean, a fantastic cosplayer who has artfully recreated Daphne's look. She's even made it so that her gown shimmers, just like Daphne's does. Sure, it may be Photoshop, but we're not being especially picky. Kelly manages to pull off this sexy ensemble as one of gaming's original royals, earning her a spot in our collective heart.

See more of Kelly's work on her Facebook page, where you'll find costumes from games such as Borderlands, Alice: Madness returns and the Resident Evil series. Let us know what you think of her Daphne!


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