Today's Cosplay of the Day is a character who's as much in love with herself as we are with her. Let's check out Tekken's own Anna Williams.

The young Ms. Williams is sort of a villain in the Tekken series and is often the rival of her older sister, Nina Williams. She was taught how to fight by her father and uses her skills to carry out various jobs and look gorgeous while doing so. She's a bit of an arrogant narcissist, but when you're that attractive, it's hard not be.

Here is MayWolf23, a Russian cosplayer who's taken Anna's look and made it more awesome simply by wearing it. She looks almost exactly like the character and it's enough to make you do a double-take upon first seeing her in costume. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous in Anna's signature dress, but she's also got all of the details represented accurately, making this cosplay one for the books.

See more of MayWolf23's work on her deviantART. There you'll find costumes from recent anime hits like Attack on Titan and lots more video game-inspired outfits.

Key Taylor
Maxim Zajac

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