It may have been cancelled 18 years ago, but hours of gameplay footage of Primal Rage 2 has surfaced from one lucky arcade that has a playable prototype.

Two new videos have been added to the Galloping Ghost Arcade's YouTube account, ghostlord000, that feature hours of new footage from Primal Rage 2. We recently reported that this Brookfield, Illinois-based arcade recently gotten a new cabinet featuring a playable prototype version of Primal Rage 2. This build encompasses Version 0.36 of the final game, indicating that it was slightly over a third completed before Atari decided to pull the plug on the project. Luckily, the Galloping Ghost Arcade has set up this rare cabinet up for the public to try out, and we have a lot of footage depicting how its sequel was going to be.

Two big surprise of Primal Rage 2's gameplay are stemmed in its story, which is more than just dinosaurs fighting each other. First, there are playable human characters in the game that you can have fight the massive dinosaurs and apes from the original title. These humans are actually the deity forms of each animal creature. Watch as the Sub-Zero-like ape Blizzard transforms into a giant sword-wielding samurai. Also, some of the prototype's backgrounds showcase post-apocalyptic settings, depicting ravaged cities and highways. Because of its dinosaur-filled roster, most gamers thought Primal Rage took place during the Mesozoic Era, but it actually takes place in the future. Make sure you keep an eye out for the game's intended final boss, the undead dragon, Necrosan.