Games in the App Store are always going on sale so we thought it would be nice to give you the heads up on the hottest games that have recently dropped in price. Some price drops are permanent and some are only for a few days. So grab these titles now! You never know if they'll go back up in price!

  • Greedy Bankers vs The World

    Alistair Aitcheson

    This fun and fast-paced social puzzle game encourages you to be ruthless. Full of arcade action, you get to challenge your friends and the computer alike to see who can become the greediest of all bankers. If you challenge your friends, you can steal from them! In other words, this is the most realistic banker game ever made.

  • Polara

    Hope This Works Games

    Polara is a unique game that's a hybrid of the emerging free-runner genre on iOS, along with lots of elements of a traditional platformer. It's a more colorful, more fleshed-out version of Canabalt, with a female protagonist that reminds us of a certain power-armored bounty hunter.

  • Qwak

    Mr Qwak Limited

    This old Amiga platformer has always been full of fast-paced, addictive game-play. None of that was lost in the transition to the iPhone and iPod Touch. So take advantage of the fact that you can now get it for free!

  • Blosics

    FDG Entertainment

    In an interesting twist on puzzle games that have you destroying cubes, balls, gems and other inanimate objects, Blosics presents you with blocks ... that are alive! This popular Flash game turned iOS title is full of destroyable structures that are imbued with charming personality. But that shouldn't stop you from blowing them to kingdom come.