This amazing, fan-made mod switches out the Portal Gun for one that lets you slip, slide and bounce across each stage of Aperture Science.

This Portal 2 - Aperture Tag trailer showcases an amazing alternative to the colored-themed portals we have grown accustomed to in Portal 2. Instead of opening gateways which you would use to navigate Aperture Labs, your primary weapon fires gels that fans of Portal 2 should remember. The orange gel will let you glide across it at rapid speeds while the blue gel acts as a bouncing mechanism, repelling you hundreds of feet into the air.

Inspired by Tag! The Power of Paint, this Portal 2 mod is now available on Steam Greenlight for $6.99. If you buy it before July 22, you can get Aperture Tag for a 30 percent discount. Purchasing Aperture Tag will also give you access to its digital soundtrack, Steam Trading Cards and an in-game level editor.