A few weeks ago, a new Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y was revealed, giving fans a look at what appeared to be a Mewtwo-like creature. Today, we get confirmation of this Pokemon's origins.

Thanks to a post on YouTube by the official Pokemon channel, it has been revealed that this guy is actually the evolved form of Mewtwo.

The footage shown is from the upcoming movie, Pokemon the Movie: ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens, which is due out in Japan on July 13th, 2013, and shows Mewtwo nonchalantly changing forms, much like a Dragon Ball Z villain.

There's no word on what this brand new creature's name is, but we'll call it Newtwo or Mewthree as placeholder names for now.

Watch the quick animation below and let us know what you think of Mewtwo's new form. Is it an upgrade or a downgrade? Let us know in the comments section and look out for Pokemon X and Y when it's released on the 3DS worldwide this October.