Some new, fancy-pants Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y have been revealed, just a week before the game's release.

The two new Pokemon in question are Fairy-types called Spritzee and Aromatisse. As you can imagine, just by looking at the images above, the latter is the evolved form of the former.

Spritzee and Aromatisse are exclusive to Pokemon Y and can be found in the wild. They are both fragrant Pokemon that emit a pleasant smell from their bodies. While Spritzee's fragrance is always nice, Aromatisse can switch to a malodorous stench. Both of these Pokemon come packed with the Healer ability, so it'll be interesting to see their utility moves in battle.

You'll only have a week to wait until you can capture these guys when Pokemon X and Y are released on Oct. 12, next week. Until then, check them out on the official Pokemon X and Y site.

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