A new trailer for Pokemon X and Y reveals Mega Charizard X, a second Mega Evolution for Charizard.

The latest trailer shows a surprising new form for Charizard. Though we've already witnessed its first Mega Evolution, now called Mega Charizard Y, it turns out that a second Mega Evolution, called Mega Charizard X, is also possible.

Both forms can be attained by giving Charizard a special item exclusive to either versions of the game. In Pokemon X, this item is called a Charizardite X. In Pokemon Y, it's a Charizardite Y.

Upon becoming Mega Charizard X, the Pokemon's type changes from Fire- and Flying-type to Fire- and Dragon-type. We've gotta say, those blue flames and protruding spikes look mighty badass.

Choose which Pokemon you'll want to get when Pokemon X and Y are released on Oct. 12.

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