Better tell Team Rocket to stay at home, because nothing is catching up to the sales of Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon X and Y's combined totals have sold more than 12 million copies, according to Eurogamer. To no surprise, Pokemon X/Y combined sales make it the fastest-selling 3DS title to date by far. Despite the stellar sales of this 3DS Pokemon game, it has some very large shoes to fill in terms of the success of its predecessors.

The original Red and Blue titles sold a combined 24 million copies on the original Game Boy. Mind you, this was at the height of the franchise' popularity. The follow-up series, Pokemon Gold and Silver, sold 23 million. Ruby and Sapphire reached 16 million sales on the Game Boy Advance, Diamond and Pearl sold 17 million copies on the Nintendo DS and Black and White sold 15 million.

Overall (with spin-off series and re-releases included), the Pokemon video game series has sold over 245 million titles worldwide. Factor in its infamous anime series, collectible card game and various forms of merchandising, and it becomes obvious that the world of Pocket Monsters is still here to stay.

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