A new infographic from Nintendo points to Pokemon X and Y as being the fastest-selling Nintendo game to reach the one million units sold mark.

It only took one day for Pokemon X and Y to sell one million units, with more than two million sold in the US alone as for this writing. This record beats out the current fastest-selling Nintendo game, Mario Kart 7, by three weeks and six days.

According to the infographic below, it has become the ninth Pokemon title to sell more than one million units in its first month. It joins titles such as Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

The numbers below are pretty impressive and shows the amazing power of Pokemon. The fact that one in every five Nintendo 3DS owners has purchased either Pokemon X or Y is amazing. Check out the infographic below for more on how cray everyone gets for Pokemon.

Pokemon X and Y

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