Netflix is going to be the very best, like no one ever was with the addition of 'Pokemon' to its streaming library.

Netflix and Pokemon Company International have announced that the original 'Pokemon' anime series will be coming out on Netflix. Accompanying the animated series is the inclusion of two of Pokemon's animated feature films: 'Pokemon the Movie: Black -- Victini and Reshiram' and 'Pokemon the Movie: White -- Victini and Zekrom.'

Unfortunately, the entire series will not be coming to Netflix. There will only be two seasons of 'Pokemon' available, the first season (the Indigo League) and the season depicting the events of Pokemon: Black and White.

Even though it's only two seasons of the long-running series being released on Netflix, we still cannot wait to check it out. So what could possibly be even greater than the Pokemon series coming to Netflix? The fact that it will be available on Netflix starting this Saturday, March 1. Better cancel those weekend plans, would-be Trainers.