What does Sony CEO Kaz Hirai have to say about the state of the PlayStation Vita?

Well, according to an interview by the Wall Street Journal, he knows sales aren't the best, but that it's too early in the handheld's life cycle to say whether or not it's a success or a failure. He cited the PlayStation and how he was asked similar questions after its launch. Five to ten years later, he believes the system is a success, which might be what will happen to the Vita. He said, "Long term is what is important."

Hirai was also asked about the year-end holiday sales, which he said were what they had expected, though the company lowered its estimate before the season began. If you want to read through the full interview, check out the post here.

So do any of you rock the Vita? If not, what are some of the reasons why you haven't made the jump? Let us know in the comments below!