Sony's PlayStation TV was only released stateside just a few short months ago, but already retailers are slashing prices on the miniature streaming device.

GameSpot reports Sony's microconsole, which was meant to bring a little portability into people's lives, has gotten a price cut at several major retailers. While there are still retailers out there that are selling it at full price, some such as GameStop, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy have it up for just $80. The PlayStation TV alone is supposed to retail for $100 (the version with the controller is supposed to retail for $140). Both models are still being sold for full price on the company's official store.

The PlayStation TV was meant to allow players to play their PlayStation Vita games or digital PlayStation One/PSP games on a big TV screen, while also allowing you to use apps like Netflix and Hulu without the need for a full console. Sony has recently also added PlayStation Now to the PlayStation TV, and you can play PlayStation 4 games through remote play.

Sony hasn't made any kind of official statement as to why the microconsole and bundle would be dropped in price, so we'll just have to wait and see if this drop is temporary or not.