The option to rent games has recently been popping up across the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, the rental options do not yet work.

PSNStores has reported that multiple users have been encountering non-working rental options for a variety of games on the PlayStation Store. The provided image shows what the game rental screen would look like for Catherine on the PlayStation Store. After trying to select a rental option, users report that the title was not added to their PlayStation's download list, which hints that this service is adhering to the streaming services of PlayStation Now.

The ability to rent games for one, seven and even 30 days offers the perfect variety of lengths in proportion to the title being rented. Titles that do not necessarily look well or perhaps received low reviews across the board could warrant a one day rental, which could also be for completely random titles that the player just wants to temporarily experiment with. Week-long rentals are perfect for the average game, giving just enough time to fully playthrough a decent title and witness its ending. Thirty day rentals would definitely come in handy for role-playing games or shorter titles that feature a lot of replay value.

The implications of online, on-the-fly, game rental options could result in a blowback to the video game market. If Sony was able to give reasonable prices in terms of game rentals and if digital rentals became available with new releases on a game's actual launch date, this could result in video game retailers being greatly affected. Many game retailers, such as GameStop, make their most profit from buying back previously owned games and selling them off as used titles at a markup. This, combined with the abilities of full-length game streaming being provided by the PlayStation Now program will definitely affect the physical game market, especially if Microsoft ever decides to adopt similar programs for the sake of competing with Sony.

We expect to hear an official word about PS Now and this new, game-renting service at the Game Developers Conference which will be happening next week in Sacramento, CA.

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