Sony's upcoming game-streaming service will have us saving cash in order to play some of the best offerings in PlayStation history on the fly.

VG247 reported that Gaikai, the developers of the PlayStation Now, have released some pricing for its streamed titles along with an image of the service's UI design on its official website. The website shows that streaming Far Cry 3 will cost $5.99 and Uncharted 3 will be priced at $4.99 in order to stream and play each game in its entirety. On the other hand, The Last of Us was priced at the substantially higher price of $49.99. Closer inspection showed Uncharted and Far Cry each had a PlayStation Now logo, while The Last of Us did not. All the offerings were for the full game experience, so it's a little hard to tell just why there's such a large price discrepancy. Perhaps the Now logo is indicative of pricing for streaming and not digital downloads. Unfortunately, Sony representatives refused to comment on these pricing speculations.

Gaikai's mission statement on the company's website states the following in regards to its new video game streaming technology:

People said it was impossible to stream video games at high quality with low latency. We did it anyway. They said there was no way for a small company to build the world’s fastest interactive entertainment network. So we did that too. We even won a Guinness World Record for it... when you find yourself playing a PlayStation game within seconds of pressing a button, without downloading or installing anything, on a device that was never designed to do that, it’s nothing short of magical.

PlayStation Now will allow gamers to pay for instant, streaming access to its PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 library (with an ability to stream PlayStation 4 titles rumored to be in the works). A DualShock controller will be required for non-PlayStation devices (such as PC), but the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita should have no problems using their default controller interface regardless of what type of game they choose to play. We will continue to cover this highly anticipated streaming service once more information becomes available.

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