A PlayStation developer has revealed a long list of new ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ (‘GTA VI’) features.

Although the title, which is helmed by Rockstar Games, is not set to release until 2025, a PlayStation developer has claimed to know plenty of features the game will include, with some elements that have been previously seen in the studio’s previous projects reappearing in the title.

Taking to X, Nima wrote: “- The game begins with another robbery mission.

“ - There will be a surrender option when dealing with the cops.

“ - Dual-wielding weapons are back

“ - The game introduces an Eagle Eye feature similar to ‘RDR2’ (‘Red Dead Redemption 2’), allowing players to highlight items/ targets in the open world or interiors.

“ - The game has the highest number of mini-games among all ‘GTA’ titles, including golf, basketball, tennis, pool, and for the first time, a new fishing mini-game involving giving and catching a variety of sea animals such as fish, dolphins and sharks using a harpoon.”

The developer then claimed that the studio was not planning to develop any further singleplayer content other than the main campaign, and instead “initially considered” introducing cryptocurrienes, like NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

They continued: “Rockstar initially considered implementing a real-life form of cryptocurrency in the game, including NFTs. This idea has likely been scrapped.”

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