Sony might institute a reputation system as a new PlayStation 4 feature in the future, if the survey it sent out is any indication.

According to IGN, Sony recently sent out a survey to PlayStation 4 owners, asking them to rate possible future PlayStation 4 features based on their appeal.

Some examples, other than the reputation system based on user ratings, included advanced matchmaking, cross-platform chat, the ability to change one's PlayStation username, the ability to become invisible and on-screen notifications that alert you when your friends jump online.

Other possible features include the synchronization of messages across platforms so that all of your messages on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and the Vita will all be available on each console. For those who want to get super social, there's an option to rate the appeal of being able to host a party chat with more than eight people at one time.

There's no official word on whether or not any of these features will be implemented or when that might happen if they are, but we'll keep you updated.