Why a Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013 list? Why not. It's been another phenomenal year for video games, and the launches of two new next generation consoles has only added to the awesomeness of 2013. Though current gen consoles have had a full year to build up their libraries with contenders for Best Game of the Year, the PlayStation 4 has only had about a month. Still, there are a handful of games we can easily dub the Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013, and that's just what we're going to do today.

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    Battlefield 4

    Launching on both current and next-gen platforms, Battlefield never looked better on consoles than it did on the PS4 version of Battlefield 4. The Frostbite 3 engine's ability to realistically render worlds for players to destroy brick by brick made this sequel a delight to play. In spite of a rough bit of online issues (now a staple for EA multiplayer titles), the multiplayer has been great, when it's worked, and we keep going back for more every chance we get.

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    Need for Speed: Rivals

    It could have been easy to write Need for Speed: Rivals off as a defacto winner as the only racing game available at launch for the PlayStation 4, but Rivals actually being a fun game got in the way. An arcade racer through and through, Rivals has a vast open world for its many cars to break speed limits in and plenty of room for the cops to try and uphold what remains of the law. With its cool approach to online multiplayer and impressive presentation, Need for Speed: Rivals more than earns its spot as one of the Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013.

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    One of the first downloadable titles available on the PS4, Resogun has all the makings of an instant classic in the shoot 'em up genre. It'd be easy to make comparisons to other twin-stick shooters like Geometry Wars, but Resogun wears its influences on its sleeve and manages to be thoroughly enjoyable eye-candy with stellar controls to boot. Factor in the online leaderboards keeping you coming back to try and top your friends' scores, and you have one of the first can't miss games in the PS4 library.

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    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

    That more than a few of the Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013 also saw release on current gen consoles shouldn't come as much of a surprise. That the PlayStation 4 iteration of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is demonstrably more impressive than its current gen counterpart was. Sure, the controls are identical, but from a presentation standpoint, AC4 on the PS4 is a marvel you won't be able to look away from for long. It also helps AC4 is among the best in the series from a story standpoint since Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. If there's one game that's worth double-dipping on, it's Black Flag.

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    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Few games on the PlayStation 4 can match what Guerrilla Games was able to accomplish with Killzone: Shadow Fall. A technical marvel, Shadow Fall presented us with an up close view of the Vektan/Helghast conflict with some of the best art design we've ever seen. That Shadow Fall is also a more than competent shooter on top of all that is icing on the cake. With a deep and engaging multiplayer component backing the whole package, it's no wonder Killzone: Shadow Fall tops the Best PlayStation 4 Games of 2013 list.


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