There have been quite a few games helping out in the effort to fight Ebola and Plague Inc. will be the most recent with $76,000 raised.

Ndemic Creations is the development company behind Plague Inc, the strategy game where players basically embody a plague and try to infect the entire world with it. However, the company turned its tables when the Ebola breakout in West Africa happened and instead started to pour money into a relief fund for it, Polygon reports. It all started in November when Ndemic's owner, James Vaughan, decided that he wanted to do something to help.

"Obviously due to the nature of the game, Plague Inc. highlights the risks of infectious disease and helps players understand the importance of taking action," Vaughan explained. "By showing a message in game, it can reach people who might not normally think about donating to a charity in this situation." And reach people it did. In the end, over 800,000 players visited Plague Inc's donation website and helped Ndemic Creations reach $76,000 in donations for the cause.

You can still donate now by visiting Plague Inc.'s donation page while you try your hardest to infect the entire world with a plague on mobile or PC.

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