Pilot's Path will normally set you back a couple of bucks. But thanks to the generous folks at Happymagenta, you can nab it gratis. Now that's a deal. Don't miss out on this a great opportunity to play this fun game for free! Pilot's Path -- today's Free App of the Day!

Pilot’s Path is an old school, top down view helicopter flying game that will make you feel like you're back in the arcades. The game has been optimized for Retina Display and it's been designed to provide a better experience if you have a second iOS device to use as a remote.

The search and rescue, gather and trade gameplay provides a fun framework for the game's story of a former USAF pilot, who, dishonorably discharged after an accident with an expensive military plane, makes his way back to the sky doing missions for criminal underground bosses.

Get to da choppah! Seriously, right now. Get yourself a copy of Pilot's Path today for your iPhone and iPad!