Xbox Head Phil Spencer has been interacting with fans on his Twitter about his company's upcoming E3 presentation, the likelihood of a handheld Xbox handheld device, the Xbox One version of Minecraft and the secrecy of a new Halo title.

Phil Spencer has been absent from Twitter for the past week or two, but he has returned in full force to directly interact with Xbox fans worldwide. Numerous Tweets of his indicate that Microsoft's E3 presence will be aimed towards the hardcore gaming crowds and be more focused on fans as opposed to just reeling in as many Xbox One buyers as it could. There will also be some excellent announcements coming this month prior to E3 so gamers can have a list of things they can look forward to during the expo. He confirmed that new IPs will be unveiled along with some long-awaited sequels.

Spencer's Twitter revealed that Mojang is still working with Microsoft in order to finalize a release date for the Xbox One version of Minecraft. He also confirmed that players will be able to transfer their worlds and saves over from the Xbox 360 version over to its Xbox One counterpart.

In terms of an Xbox handheld device, Spencer hinted that we shouldn't get our hopes up. Given the prevalence of mobile and tablet gaming mixed with the tight competition between Nintendo and PlayStation when it comes to handhelds, Spencer said that Xbox probably won't try to make any type of portable device.

Finally, when the topic of Halo 2: Anniversary Edition came up, Spencer remained adamant and tight-lipped that he could not reveal or discuss any 343 Industries' IPs. He mentions that this came from strict orders of Bonnie Ross, the head of 343 Industries. Then again, he could have skipped the question completely and just answered the other hundreds of questions being posted on his Twitter page regularly.

Microsoft's E3 2014 press conference will go down on Monday, June 9 at 9 a.m. Pacific.