PewDiePie has set another world record. This time, his gaming-oriented channel has reached over 10 billion views total.

Earlier this summer, we reported that PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, earned around $7.5 million in 2014 from his YouTube account. Kjellberg is primary known for his Let's Play videos and other kinds of video game-related programming on his YouTube channel. Now, Kjellberg has reached another milestone on YouTube, having the first channel to ever each 10 billion views. PewDiePie announced this milestone on Twitter (courtesy of Destructoid). In case you think that 10 billion views isn't that impressive, the Earth isn't expected to hit a world population of 10 billion for another 65 years (and you thought traffic was bad now).

Regardless of how you feel about him (I personally think his voice sounds like he's doing a horrible South Park impression and that he's simply unfunny), it's tough to hate on his success. He's become a millionaire just for playing video games. That sounds like living the dream if you ask me. Plus, I have to give him respect for the charity fundraisers he hosts on a regular basis. We're in an era where Kim Kardashian is the most famous female celebrity, EDM is one of the most popular music genres and Donald Trump has a viable chance at becoming the President of the United States — there are plenty of other things to hate on for being stupid popular than PewDiePie.

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