It's time once again to view a double helping of introduction trailers for some of our favorite characters from Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. This time, we have the mecha-maiden Aigis and the television-obsessed bear, Teddie.

Aigis is the mechanical construct with a heart of gold (or some other kind of metal), who appeared in Persona 3. She's steadfast, loyal and is a brilliant partner to have on the battlefield. The trailer above shows us some of her personality quirks, such as her sometimes overly-serious demeanor, and her awesome fighting moves. This is one mechanical girl you don't want to cross.

Then, from Persona 4, we've got Teddie, the girl-crazy bear whose character design makes him look like he should always have trouble walking around. He's just as nutty as ever, pulling off a variety of wacky faces and getting into strange situations. In his human form, he's an even bigger flirt and even more of a goof. As weird as he is, he's still a lovable part of the Investigation Team and we look forward to seeing him in Persona Q when it's eventually released, hopefully, in North America.