When we last saw Yukari Takeba, she was still the confident, likable high school student we’ve known and loved since Persona 3. A new trailer for Atlus’ upcoming 2D fighter, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, however, shows that the pink-clad archer has moved on since graduation, and taken on a role that will be very familiar to long-time Megaten fans: The Pink Argus.

Yukari, renowned for her beauty and archery skills, has become an actress and joined the Persona-world’s answer to the Power Rangers, Phoenix Ranger Featherman R. If the trailer is any indication, the role suits her well, as she appears to kick significant quantities of ass.

Using her bow as her primary weapon, Yukari shows promise as a balanced fighter with a variety of ranged attacks and quick melee combos. Her aerial attacks are aided by a pair of wings that look to be capable of lifting opponents into the air as well as Yukari herself.

Yukari taking over as the Pink Argus makes sense, both visually and from a character standpoint, and she looks great in the costume. I just worry about the rumors that will inevitably rear their ugly heads about her. You know what they said about Amy Jo Johnson, the original American Pink Power Ranger. It wasn’t true, but they still said it.