Developers behind the ‘Palworld’ hit are working on adding cross-platform play to the open-world survival crafting game.

The ‘Pokémon’-inspired title recently entered Early Access – a programme where game developers can release early builds of their titles for the public to purchase – and during a question and answer session with fans on Discord, its makers said the new developments would be available “as soon as possible”.

According to NME, they said: “Palworld will continue to be updated during and after early access.”

The developers also confirmed that while ‘Palworld’ doesn’t currently support crossplay between PC, Xbox and Steam, they are “working to make this a possibility as soon as possible”.

Announced at the Indie World Expo in 2021, ‘Palworld’ is an open-world creature collection sandbox game, which features a series of cute-looking Pals available to collect, trade, battle, work or ride.

It is billed as placing gamers in a “harsh environment where food is scarce and vicious poachers roam” and “danger waits around every corner”.

The game’s description adds: “To survive, you must tread carefully and make difficult choices… even if that means eating your own Pals when the time comes.”

Chief executive of its maker Pocket Pair, Takuro Mizobe, told NME just after the game was announced.: “Pokémon definitely inspired us, but ‘Palworld’ is far more action-orientated in comparison.

“In terms of the darker elements, we want to leave those decisions up to players. “Player agency will be key in ‘Palworld’, which is why players can be good or bad.”

Within eight hours of its release, the game sold one million copies, and launched to a whopping 306,000 concurrent players – and after the first 24 hours of release, ‘Palworld’ had sold more two million times.

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