It looks like Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming sci-fi action epic Pacific Rim will be getting a downloadable game this summer.

The Australian Classification Board posted a listing for a Pacific Rim developed by Yuke's, the team behind the WWE franchise. As if the classification wasn't enough, savvy gamers over at NeoGAF were able to uncover the first screenshots and images from what appears to be the XBLA version of the fighter.

The game looks like it will pit players in one-on-one battles, with opposing sides choosing either kaijus or Jaegers. The character select screen shows off some familiar faces from the trailer, and there even appears to be a customization option included as well.

Pacific Rim hasn't been officially announced just yet, but as the film isn't due out for a few months, that's to be expected. As we draw closer to July, we'll like get more info on when and where we'll be able to get Yuke's Pacific Rim. In the meantime, check out the screenshots below, and let us know what you think of the game so far.