We've seen the WWE 2K franchise grapple with every gaming console on the market (expect the Wii U), but now the Superstars and Divas of WWE are taking on a whole new realm: PC gaming.

WWE announced that WWE 2K15, the latest wrestling simulation game from Yuke's and 2K, will be releasing on Windows-based PCs this spring, which accordingly to our calendars is any day now. The game will launch with every feature from the console versions intact, including Yawn Cena's five moves of doom, the blast-from-the-past 2K Showcase and wrestle-your-own-adventure MyCareer modes.

Even more interesting is that the PC version will launch with every piece of downloadable content from the console versions available, from wrestler packs to extra 2K Showcase chapters. Better still, all of that DLC will come at no extra charge, giving PC players the full WWE 2K15 experience right out of the gate. This includes the pre-order bonus Sting and collector's edition exclusive Hulk Hogan. If they throw in NXT champion Kevin Owens, then it's a done deal.

While this is great news for the WWE/PC hybrid fans out there, this will certainly leave a sour taste in the mouths of console players who shelled out money for those DLC packs only for PC players to be exempt from their costs. There was a lot of paid DLC for WWE 2K15 with total costs hitting the triple digits, so to see another way to play be rewarded with all of that at no cost is a weird decision. We suppose that the PC has waited long enough for a WWE game, which may explain the decision.

No matter what's included, the PC version of WWE 2K15 will be available sometime in the next few weeks.