Watch Finn Balor take on Seth Rollins in this awesome, suplex-filled footage from WWE 2K16.

According to IGN, all kinds of new details were revealed about WWE 2K16. Of course, we already know about the 120 character roster. Fortunately, modern and past versions of wrestlers won't each be counting as separate entries towards that number. In other words, pre-UFC Brock Lesnar and modern Brock Lesnar would be counted as a single wrestler. On the other hand, Razor Ramon and Scott Hall could count as two different ones (because they were two different characters/gimmicks). We also got confirmation that a bunch of NXT members will be on the roster, including Sami Zayn and Finn Balor. If Alexa Bliss from NXT said she's in there, you'd best believe the rest of the roster is included.

Yuke's and Visual Concepts confirmed that MyCareer, Create a Championship, Create an Arena, Create a Show and Create a Diva modes will be returning. Each match will feature a three-man commentary team consisting of JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole. There are going to be no loading screens between entrances, and you'll be able to jump your opponent during theirs if you choose. Yuke's also plans to revamp the manager and ref AI as well as the online gameplay.

IGN provided some gameplay footage featuring a match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor (Balor did most of the motion capture work for the game's roster and move list, just as Cesaro did last year). I'm just glad they didn't use Cena for this demo footage, not like there would be anything to change going from last year's entrance to this year's. Featuring two man expected to be the future of the WWE, the entrances for these wrestlers looked awesome and the gameplay looked more or less the same as the last game. I really hope they add in more lines of dialogue, because Cole and Lawler's comments during the intros and match were very generic, where they didn't even use the name of the wrestlers themselves. Likewise, the in-game models might look good in screenshots, but they're lacking during the gameplay itself. It's as if the visuals got watered down so the last-gen versions of the game could keep up with the amount of content that will be featured.

WWE 2K16 will debut on Oct. 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Pre-ordering the game will unlock Arnold as the Terminator on the roster for whatever reason.

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