Bud Light is reportedly using this life-size Pac-Man maze in its upcoming Super Bowl 2015 commercial.

Kotaku has found pictures of a massive, real life recreation of Pac-Man that was believed to used for Bud Light's Super Bowl 2015 ad. Last year's Bud Light commercial took one lucky beer drinker and gave him a night on the town throughout LA as he went on adventures with Minka Kelly, Don Cheadle, Reggie Watts, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Based on the colors and logos used in this massive stage set in the Fashion District of LA, it seems as though this life-size Pac-Man game will be a part of the next big event. LAist also has additional pictures and videos taken by onlookers in the high rise across the street.

Stay tuned and we'll let you know how well Pac-Man does in this supposed Bud Light commercial. If we had ghosts chasing us in a level like that, we'd need a beer too.