‘Pac-Man 99’ has been removed from Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo first revealed its intention to take down the game - which permits 99 players to face off against each other at one time - in April when they announced they would begin the process in August.

The process began with getting rid of the ability to purchase custom themes, and then the following month, they took down ‘Pac-Man 99 Deluxe Pack’ and ‘Pac-Man 99 Unlock DLC’.

The third and final stage of the plan was wiping the base game and its free custom themes from the eShop.

People who bought the game’s paid-for DLC - which has three offline modes and a variety of custom themes - will still be able to play the game despite the servers being cut. However, it will not be possible to get the DLC anymore.

The game was first added to the Switch Online in April 2021 after they took down ‘Super Mario Bros 35 Battle Royale’ game and is believed to be being replaced by ‘F-Zero 99’, which also allows a 99-player multiplayer option but inspired by the SNES version of the Nintendo’s F-Zero.

The first 99-multiplayer game on the Switch Online was ‘Tetris 99’, which was put on the online shop in February 2019 and is still available, and there are no plans to axe it.

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