Blizzard has revealed two new characters and a new map for its upcoming first-person shooter, Overwatch.

For games like Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, Blizzard has been feeding off of its extremely popular Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft universes for its characters. However, with a completely new game coming out, Overwatch, it had to stray from its cast of overused faces that we kept seeing over and over again. GameSpot reports that Blizz has revealed two more completely new characters for Overwatch, McCree and Zarya. It also announced a new map, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, that will show up in the beta.

You can check out the video above to see some gameplay from McCree, but to break it down it seems that he will have four different abilities. His first ability, Peacekeeper, will be a speed up of his basic revolver shot — he will shoot all his rounds out at once and then have to reload. His next ability, Combat Roll, is a roll, and that's about it. His third ability, Flashbang, will be a damage-dealing stun that can catch multiple enemies in its area of effect. Finally, his last ability, Deadeye, can target multiple enemies and kill them off in a standoff, just like an old spaghetti western flick (tumbleweed and all).

Then there's Zarya, Overwatch's first female tank. You can check out her abilities in the video below, but she seems to have the same number of moves as McCree — four. Particle Cannon is her first ability which surges out purple energy in a straight line to deal damage until you have to recharge it. It can also shoot out purple blasts that detonate upon impact. Zarya's second ability is Particle Barrier, which provides a shield for her. Projected Barrier, her next ability, provides a shield for an ally. Finally, Zarya's last ability, Graviton Surge, is an area of effect gravity blast that knocks-up enemies and brings them to the center of impact and traps them there, which is perfect for a friend to follow-up with a grenade. We are certainly digging Zarya's amazonian look and her troll doll-like hair.

You can check out both of these new characters as well as the new  Watchpoint map when Overwatch comes out in beta form for PC this fall.