Blizzard has released Overwatch's cinematic trailer that focuses on its story (provided below).

Original Story:

Whoa. Blizzard just announced their first new IP in a long while. Here's the new multiplayer first-person shooter, Overwatch!

At first glance, this team-based multiplayer game seems to have all of the trappings of a game like Team Fortress 2, except amped up quite considerably. The Overwatch refers to an international task force that was brought together to restore peace and order to a war-torn world. They succeeded and the world knew peace for a time, enjoying an age of enlightenment. But that was many years ago and now the Overwatch is no more.

This is where the heroes of Overwatch step in, to help bring peace back to the world. There are 12 heroes in all and they serve one of four roles: offense, defense, tank and support. Players will have to band together to meet objectives like Point Capture and Payload. In Payload, the attacking team must move a payload to a delivery point, where the defenders lie in wait to push them back and let the time run out. Point Capture tasks players with holding points on a map, with one team as offense and the other as defense. Classic stuff.

You can sign up for the beta for Overwatch here, which will launch sometime in 2015. Until then, drool over all of the cool heroes and catch them in action in the trailer above.